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Welcome to the Crystal Millennium Chronicles RPG!

Hi! Welcome! This is the page for my Crystal Millennium Chronicles RPG. I hope you enjoy it, & I hope some of you decide to join it! I'd love to have ya! I finally updated it again! :)
In the Crystal Millennium, Chibiusa had been at home from training in the past for about a year. She was no longer Sailor ChibiMoon, but now she was once again a normal Princess. There was peace. Then, suddenly, an evil General, Kalko, attacked. Noone knew who he worked for. All of the Senshi, Inner and Outer alike, fought him and his minions, but lost. Soon, all the Senshi had been driven away from the Crystal Palace. NeoQueen Serenity used her Empyrean Silver Crystal on Kalko, but it had no effect. Not knowing what else to do, she gave her daughter a new broach and transformation, and made her Sailor NeoMoon, the new leader of the Senshi. Then, she broke the Crystal into the seven Rainbow Crystals and sent each piece to a different continent on the planet. She and King Endymion then snuck Chibiusa out of the Palace, so she could escape, but they were captured before they could follow. Now, the monarch of Crystal Tokyo, along with the families of all the other Senshi, are being held hostage in the Castle, and the rest of the planet suffers as the slaves of the General and his superior. The Senshi, with their new leader, Sailor NeoMoon, must find the seven Rainbow Crystals, find a way to put them back together, take back the Palace and their planet by defeating General Kalko, rescue the King and NeoQueen, as well as their own families, and finally, find and defeat Kalko's superior, though they do not know who that is.

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I'm sorry, but this RPG is no longer running, due to lack of time, but I will leave everything up for anyone who wants to read it, or in case I get time and decide to reopen it.
Moonies have come to the Crystal Millennium Chronicles RPG site since 7-16-00.

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DISCLAIMER: Sailor Moon is (c)Naoko Takeuchi and everyone involved. Created Characters in this RPG is the property of their creators/players. This RPG is property of my & my co-GM.